Can Your E-Newsletter Survive the New Year’s Purge?

It’s January, which means a time for reflection and resolutions. For many Americans, there is an urge to simplify and de-clutter. This includes dealing with our overflowing inboxes. Not only are we thinking about New Year’s resolutions, but many people are also returning from time away from the office which makes the email overload feel particularly acute.

Here are some tips to minimize your list churn and avoid the New Year’s purge.


Email Design Trends 2017

Today I spoke at Social Media Breakfast Maine about design trends for web sites and e-newsletters. Check out these 3 trends in e-newsletter design and email marketing and keep your emails looking great in 2017.


Email Lists: Cross Checking and Excluding To Improve Engagement

Mail on the Mark features a bunch of super useful email list tools to help make sure your subscribers are getting content that’s valuable and relevant to them and making sure that you are only sending to that specific group. Here’s a list of some of those tools and examples of how we’ve used them.