Health Literacy Partners

“Visible Logic initially helped me design a distinct brand identity and created my web site. With the addition of the e-newsletter, and having it connect with my blog and social media, I am able to obtain enhanced exposure with one integrated approach. I am impressed with the team’s ability to respond to my needs and to design my e-newsletters based upon our topic discussions, resources and draft content provided. They accurately present my health literacy expertise and maintains my voice in all of the written materials.”

– Terri Ann Parnell, DNP, MA, RN, FAAN
Principal and Founder, Health Literacy Partners

About Our Client

Health Literacy Partners is a health literacy consulting business created by Dr. Terri Ann Parnell. Dr. Parnell is an industry expert that specializes in health literacy, consulting with a variety of industries associated with health care on providing solutions for promoting effective communication, cultural competence and language access skills to enhance health outcomes and health equity.

The Challenge

Although Dr. Parnell is a national expert in the field and an award-winning author, she was looking for a more strategic plan for her marketing efforts. Also, she wanted to create a distinct and professional brand image and didn’t have the means for developing graphics to include with her newsletter.

The Solution

We developed a content marketing strategy that integrates the e-newsletter with her blog. We have a team approach to the monthly content—the Mail on the Mark team and Health Literacy Partners have a brief meeting to discuss and approve topics and timeline. Each article is drafted, reviewed and formatted with accompanying graphics. We send the e-newsletter and also create a blog and update social media channels.

Additionally, Health Literacy Partners uses Mail on the Mark’s auto-responder feature to provide gated content as part of an effort to increase the email subscriber list.

The Results

Health Literacy Partners now has an integrated and consistent content marketing strategy. By linking the e-newsletter to the blog, we are able to get better insights into click-thru rates. The e-newsletter keeps her top of mind with known prospects and the blog improves SEO for her web site.

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