Why Choose Us

Mail on the Mark was created by the branding firm Visible Logic. We were designing exceptional logos and web sites for our clients, but when we wanted to set them up to use e-mail marketing their brand suffered. We were forced to use pre-made templates, or to create work-arounds that were hard for our clients to use.

We got tired of monkeying around with the chimps and sick of the constant ads for free trials from other services.

We started Mail on the Mark to provide a tailored and branded experience to email marketing.

Email marketing can be incredibly effective. At Visible Logic, we had become experts at both brand identity work and content marketing. These are two cornerstones of creating a worthwhile e-newsletter. We needed to create a platform for delivering high-quality results to the inbox of our clients’ customers.

Mail on the Mark provides us the ability to completely customize the design of your e-newsletter because we have complete control of the HMTL and CSS.

We started Mail on the Mark as a do-it-yourself platform to compete with the other services out there. We now have created many e-newsletters for all sorts of clients. We’ve realized that many people just don’t have the expertise or the time to get their e-newsletter out the door consistently. So, we’ve added an additional service where we will help you find topics, write your content, select high-quality imagery and actually get your newsletter sent on a regular basis.

Whether you want to prepare and send your own e-newsletters, or rely on our professional team, you can now have a customized email marketing programming that really builds your brand.