3 Ways To Segment Your Email List For Better Results

April 29, 2011 | Email lists

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In my last post I wrote about why you should use caution when growing your email list, to ensure you’re complying with Anti-Spam laws, but also to have more engaged readers. Now I want to move onto the topic of segmenting your list for even better engagement.

Different Ways to Segment

If you’re a Mail on the Mark client you know that you can upload your email names into multiple lists. You may want to begin by separating your existing list into sub-groups.

A few examples:

  1. Separate by geography: If you have both face-to-face (or bricks and mortar) customers as well as internet-based customers you may want to separate the two lists.
    Example, Fitness company: Non-local customers and prospects may not be interested in events that take place far away. Only the local list will get notifications of classes and workshops, while everyone learns about internet-based training.
  2. Separate by industry or specialty: If you serve clients from multiple industries or people who use different parts of your services, you can target more effective content by writing only about the area of your business (or theirs) that is important to them.
    Example, nutritionist: If you offer services to both individuals and on a group basis to businesses, you can tailor your email campaigns to each group. The individuals receive promotions for individual consultations, but the business clients learn about employee wellness programs.
  3. Separate current customers from prospects: You may want to be able to offer special offers to only one group. Or, the content you talk about can be more tailored when you talk with prospects vs. clients.
    Example, solar panel installation:
    Your prospects receive a checklist for helping them choose the best provider. Your current customers receive tips on solar panel maintenance.

There are endless ways to split your list. You can also have the same email address on more than one list. Remember, if you’re using Mail On The Mark we will remove any duplicates when you send out your email if you send to more than one list at a time.