4 Hard Truths About Your Enewsletter

October 1, 2014 | Email Marketing, Tips

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Sometimes when people decide to start sending an enewsletter, they poorly understand key processes, overlook critical elements, or are unrealistic about the logistics of email marketing.

email hard truths

Here are some hard lessons we’ve found out:

1. It takes real work to prepare and send an e-newsletter

People aren’t as good about sending their enewsletters as they think they will be. Many of our clients set out with a hefty goal to send out a newsletter once a month or even once a week. However as deadlines and life get in the way, the newsletter gets put on the back burner. If you’re running a small business or getting a startup off the ground, there isn’t much time for writing.

Frequently, newsletters start out strong, but then are sent less and less frequently once the writer has run through their initial topics.

This is why it’s important to set realistic goals for yourself and to stick to the deadlines you set for yourself. Some clients find it’s helpful to work with a writer to help contribute to the newsletter or to write it entirely. (That is why we started our Full Service e-newsletter service)

2. People forget about you if you stay out of touch for too long

Once a long time lapses between your newsletters some of your subscribers will forget that they had signed up to hear from you, and your unsubscribe rate will increase.

Make it a goal to get out your newsletter at least once a month. Staying on top of your customers mind is likely a key reason you started sending these emails in the first place.

3. People will unsubscribe

People unsubscribe either because your content doesn’t fit with what they are looking for, or the frequency isn’t jiving with them. It’s OK to lose people, and it should be expected.

Keeping a clean subscriber list can help with this. Then you are sure that the people receiving your emails really want it.

4. Emails will bounce

Don’t freak out. Sometimes bounces happen because of simple things like full email boxes or email addresses that aren’t valid anymore. You can help keep your bounces low by giving your subscribers the option to update their email in a subscriber settings page.


  1. Martin Lindeskog | October 12, 2014 at 7:06 am

    I wonder if these are the truths that have preventing me from starting an electronic newsletter! 😉 Could you list some solopreneurs that have created great newsletters? Christopher S. Penn’s Almost Timely newsletter is a great inspiration, with a mix of social media, “marketing over coffee” (tea in my case), funny stuff, etc.

  2. Emily Brackett | October 13, 2014 at 11:37 am

    @Martin: Many people start, but don’t continue, so maybe you’re ahead of that crowd?

    Some great solopreneur newsletters I like include Chris Brogan http://ownermag.com/nl/ and Ilise Benun http://marketing-mentor.com/quick-tips These are solopreneurs, although they use support staff diligently to get things done.

    We’ve found that e-newsletters are often something that deserves more delegation. They are really worthwhile and if the business owner cannot attend to it, find a professional to help. It could be a VA or a firm like ours.

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