Autoresponders Increase E-Newsletter Engagement For New Signups

March 24, 2014 | Email Marketing, Tips

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Set up an autoreponder for your e-newsletterIf you send out an e-newsletter, you should use an auto-responder email message when people first sign up for your list.

What is an Autoresponder Email?

An autoresponder is an email that automatically goes out, based on certain rules. They can be set for things like birthdays or post-event emails. They are great because you set up the format once, and every time the event is triggered an email goes out.

A critical one to establish is to send out an email promptly when someone initially signs up for your e-newsletter.

If you send out your e-newsletter frequently, you may not need this, because the person signing up can just start receiving your regular newsletter. But for many business owners who send e-newsletter infrequently (one per month or less) or irregularly, it is a good to automate this process.

When someone has just signed up for your e-newsletter, they are showing interest in your product or service. They are ready and primed to hear from you. If you wait, you may have lost their interest. They may even forget who you are and think your email is spam.

So make sure you set up an email–or even a series of emails–to go out whenever someone signs up for your e-newsletter.