Don’t Let Your E-Newsletter Recipients Unsubscribe

September 2, 2014 | Email design, Tips

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Pretty much every e-newsletter includes a link to easily unsubscribe.

The Can-Spam law requires that you make it easy for recipients to unsubscribe (although they don’t actually require one-click unsubscription), and nearly every major email marketing platform builds in one-click unsubscribe buttons so that the sender is quickly and automatically protected against complaints of spam.

But why let your committed readers unsubscribe when what they really want to do is update their email address?

Manage email preferences rather than unsubscribeIf your content is good and you have a group of readers who want to stay in touch, you should make it easy for them to update their email address. If you only include an unsubscribe button, you are forcing readers to unsubscribe and then hunt down your subscribe button and sign up with a new email address. Many people will get stopped in their tracks somewhere during that process and you’ll lose them from your list.

We suggest that you include a link that allows for recipients to update their email address (or other preferences) with just one click. We make this easy for you with Mail on the Mark and can build it right into your e-newsletter blueprint.