What makes you different than other e-newsletter services?

We offer full-service, outsourced e-newsletters that includes professional writing and design.

Nearly every other e-newsletter service is a do-it-yourself platform that relies on you to do most of the work, even though you are not an expert at this. We get it done, from start to finish.

Additionally, many services only offer predesigned templates with minimal branding. Our e-newsletters are custom designed by a highly professional graphic design and branding studio.

Can we use your content on our blog or in social media?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to do so! Many of our clients choose to feature content on their blog and then just include the introductory text in the e-newsletter. This boosts traffic to your web site and helps with SEO.

Also, any graphics we create for you can be used on your web site or in social media, and it’s a great practice to promote all of your content marketing in a unified way.

How does the pricing work?

Our initial consultation is free and before you pay anything we’ll clearly spell out all estimated fees.

Then, if you’re ready to work together there is a $1500 flat fee to get started. This includes: a content marketing plan; setting up the design of your e-newsletters and importing your email lists.

Additionally, there is a fee for the creation and sending of each e-newsletter. The exact fee is based on the amount of content we need to create, the complexity of the content, how frequently you send and your list size. We will provide you with your exact cost per e-newsletter after our initial consultation and before we do the setup, so you’ll know exactly what to budget.

Why don’t you give free trials?

Unlike DIY services, everything we do is customized. We don’t use canned content or pre-made templates. All of our writing is created just for you and the graphics and overall newsletter designs are professionally created to enhance your brand image.

Can you give me a range of costs?

There are a few factors that affect the price.

Subject matter. For some businesses we need to use our subject-matter experts to help with the writing. So writing for someone in the medical field, for example, may be more expensive than writing for a restaurant. A restaurant’s monthly e-newsletter may be $250, and the healthcare provider may be $750.

Quantity and style of content. Some of our clients have us produce more than one article or content piece for each newsletter. As you can imagine, the more articles we create and the more in-depth an article is, can factor into the price. A simple newsletter with limited content starts at $250 but prices go up from there.

Graphics. One of the greatest assets we can create for you is customized graphics. We feature them in the newsletter and then make them available for you to use on your web site or in social media. It takes us more time to create a customized chart compared to just locating a stock photo. All of the pricing for graphics (whether they are custom-created by us or stock photos) are included in your price, but highly customized graphics are going to set the baseline fee at $400 and up.

List Size. The final factor is your list size. When you get your price we clearly spell out the costs based on your current list and what will happen to your fees as your list grows.

What types of payments do you accept?

We’ll set up an automated payment for you that can be paid with a credit card or automatic bank transfer. These normally come out monthly unless you are sending infrequently.

I don’t have a logo, can you create one?

The e-newsletter service does not include the development of a company logo. But our parent company, Visible Logic can help you out.