Mail on the Mark is not your typical do-it-yourself solution from our competitors. Let us custom design, write and send a beautiful newsletter made with your own company branding and identity.

Complete and Consistent Newsletters

Easy editor

Writing & editing

We take over the writing, finding a graphic and sending on a regular basis. We can generate the ideas, do the writing, provide a custom image, and proof and send your e-newsletter, as well as import your subscriber list for you.

Custom Images

Custom Images

For every newsletter, we will find or create an image to make your content more engaging. It will always reflect your brand identity and it’s a great asset for social sharing.



We carefully proof each newsletter, checking links, spelling and overall readability. Before we send it, you will see exactly what your e-newsletter looks.

Visual Reports


Every time a campaign is sent, we’ll show you who is opening it, clicking links, forwarding it to their friends, or sharing it on social media. Reviewing these stats regularly, we’ll work with you to be constantly evolving and improving the content.

Professionally Designed and Customized Branding

Custom-designed & branded

Every blueprint is professionally designed to work with your corporate identity and branding. We customize it to your content—a monthly e-newsletter, a tip-of-the-day and special sale announcements, etc.

Mobile Ready

Mobile ready

All of our email blueprints adapt to the device of the reader. Yours will be mobile optimized for you.



Insert things like name, company name, and more within the e-newsletter or in the subject line. Personalization has been shown to increase engagement. You can even go beyond the name, and display text or images based on custom values, such as member/non-member, new client, etc.

personalized images

Personalized images and text

Go beyond the name with your personalization. Display text or images based on custom values, such as member/non-member, new client, etc.

no ugly logo

No ugly logos

No offers for free trials in the footer of your e-newsletters.


Thoroughly tested

All of our templates are tested across the major email clients including Mac Mail, Outlook, Gmail, iPhone, etc.

Enhanced Marketing Tools

AB split

A/B split testing

Test out different subject lines or offers to a portion of your list and then go forward with whichever option produced the best results.



Set up auto responders and drip based campaigns. These are great for sending out emails when people subscribe, or sending special offers for birthdays or other events.

Blog to Email

Connect your blog to email

One of the most powerful ways to automate your marketing is to connect your WordPress blog to your e-newsletter. Blog posts can be automatically sent, or you can pick and choose manually.

Complete Archive

Complete archives

All sent campaigns are archived so you can compare results, or copy and paste text. You can create an online library of past editions on your web site.

Grow Your Lists

List importing

We’ll import your lists

Provide your email addresses as Excel or .csv files and we’ll organize and import them for you.


Subscription form on your web site

Embed a subscription form on your web site. It can be formatted using CSS to fit in beautifully with your existing design.

Social Sharing

Social sharing

Embed links to share your e-newsletter content on Facebook, Twitter through likes and shares. See the shares right in your reports.

Forward to a friend

Forward to a friend

Make it easy for your readers to share your content. And we’ll track the results for you.

Unlimited subscriber lists

List management

Create and divide your email list as you wish for targeted campaigns. When choosing who to send to, you can select to include or exclude exactly which list you want. Segment based on geolocation, previous opens, previous clicks.

CRM integration

CRM integration

CRM integration with SalesForce, Zoho, SugarCRM, etc. Using our API or third party synchronizers, Mail on the Mark can integrate with more than 100 different platforms

ipad signup

iPad Signup App

Our iPad sign-up app makes it easy for anyone to join your list right from an iPad. It’s perfect for your store checkout, an event, or anywhere else people might want to join your list in person.

facebook signup

Facebook subscribe

Drop a signup form right into your Facebook page, and feature it.

Reporting and Tracking

Google Analytics

Integrate with Google Analytics

Automatically track your e-newsletter traffic in Google Analytics.

Opens and clicks

Opens and clicks

See who opens and clicks every email and every link.

Spam Compiance

Spam compliance reports

See who unsubscribed or marked your email as spam. Protection against resending to anyone who has done so.

Social Reporting

Social Reporting

See who forwarded your email to a friend, as well as shares on Facebook and Twitter. See the true reach of your latest campaign, all in one place.

Unsubscribe and Bounce lists

Unsubscribers and bounce lists

Easily review bounce lists and unsubscribes. We’ll automatically remove an unsubscribed person from your list, and re-send your email if it bounced.

Compare Results

Compare results

Review and compare different e-newsletter results.

Top Notch Deliverability and Spam Compliance

Top-notch deliverability

Top notch deliverability

Industry-leading mail servers, and relationships with ISPs. Domain keys and sender ID settings can be established with your web host for better deliverability.

ICANN anti-spam laws compliance

ICANN anti-spam laws compliance

All emails will include key identifiers required by law including mailing address and unsubscribe options.

Immediate unsubscribe

Immediate unsubscribe

Recipients who wish to unsubscribe can use a one-click link from any e-newsletter. We’ll protect you by checking that the email address is removed from all of your lists.

Cross List protection

Cross list protection

We automatically cross check all your lists, to prevent you from sending to anyone who has asked to be removed. All unsubscribe requests are processed immediately.

ISP feedback

ISP feedback

We work with ISPs to automatically remove anyone who marks your campaign as spam (ISP feedback loop integration).