Getting Started Questionnaire

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    Best way to be reached: emailphone

    Newsletter sending

    What plan are you interested in? Do it yourselfFull Service

    How frequently will you be sending?

    Who will the newsletter be sent from?Name: Email address: Physical address:

    Do you have a name for your newsletter?

    Current Branding

    Do you have a logo?noyes (please send)

    Do you have a website or printed piece that shows your brand and the tone you'd like for your blue print?

    Do you have an existing style guide?

    Fonts used?

    Brand colors?

    Existing Newsletter

    Do you have an existing newsletter or enewsletter? If yes, please send samples.yesno

    What are things you'd like to keep or change from your old newsletter?


    Do you have an existing enews mailing list that will be ported over to MOTM?YesNo

    How will you be providing the current mailing list subscriber list?
    Comma or tab delimited text fileExcelOther (please explain)

    How large is your mailing list?

    How did your current subscribers join your mailing list?
    Opted in from your siteCustomers who have purchased a product from you within the last 2 yearsGave their email in person or over the phone knowing they'd be contactedCompleted an offline form indicating they wanted to be emailedOther, Please explain below