Protect Your Brand with a Strong Open Rate

May 15, 2012 | Email Marketing

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NOTE WELL: Deleted emails also create negative thoughts and images in the mind of the recipient. They brand you and they create reputation. If you’re getting a 9% response, it means 91% of the people you sent the email to are somewhere between annoyed and pissed off. —Jeffrey H. Gitomer

If you’re not familiar with Jeff Gitomer’s work, and you’re trying to increase your sales, I recommend you check out his web site. And also his e-newsletter.

No, I can’t say that is was designed by Mail On The Mark. But that’s not the point. He understands the connection between email marketing and branding.

I spend a lot of time preaching the importance of a cohesive brand identity and how that translates to e-newsletters. But he points out, with this quote, the flip side.

When you send people junk that does not interest them, you’re hurting your brand. You may want to read about the three types of spam to learn more about this idea.