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“The reality is that I don’t get around to writing, designing, and sending an e-newsletter. Mail on the Mark, was the ideal solution. All I have to do is send out a quick email with a few lines of text, and they do the rest!” —Matt Whitham, Owner, Muddy Rudder Restaurant

We send your e-newsletter, error-free and on time

We manage the entire process—writing, formatting and sending. Just call or email us and we make sure it gets sent on a regular schedule.

We get results

Increase reservations and let people know about your special menu items and events. Keep your restaurant top of mind.

High-quality design

Your e-newsletter will match the look & feel of your restaurant. All emails are mobile optimized and consistent with your brand.

Professional writing

From idea generation to writing, editing and proofreading, all of our content is created exclusively for you.

Manage and grow your lists

We’ll consolidate your email lists and make it easy for new people to join your lists via online forms.


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