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Visible Logic coordinated all of our online marketing efforts. Previously, we were paying for a web site, SEO service, online ads and a newsletter service, but the results were not there. Our marketing efforts are now in sync and the different channels are strategically aligned. In 2014 we had our best year since 2008 and picked up 10% more clients than previous years. —Mark Filler, Filler & Associates

About our client

Filler & Associates is a CPA firm providing small business accounting services, business valuation services and litigation support to Maine’s small businesses, startups and area law firms.

The Challenge

For more than thirty years, Filler & Associates has been a successful CPA firm. They have successfully retained their clients, but they lacked a cohesive marketing plan to attract new clients. In the past, they had relied on yellow pages ads, but needed a way to replace that marketing tactic with an up-to-date, online strategy. They needed to integrate their e-newsletter and web site to create a stronger impact.


Customized Blog Content

Filler & Associates has access to industry-specific articles, which we edit and refine then post to the blog. The e-newsletter now links back to the individual blog posts so that readers connect to the Filler web site and we have more trackable data points.

The Results

After years of lack luster growth following the recession of 2008, Filler & Associates had their best year in 2014. They were able to attract approximately 10% more clients to their practice than they had in any of the previous years.

Their blog drives traffic to the site, accounting for 12% of all web site traffic and more than 14% of entrances into the site. Connecting their e-newsletter content directly with their web site blog has driven additional views of their web site by current clients, exposing them to Filler’s expertise and additional services.


Customizing provided content

You may have access to content that is well-written but already in-use other places. We can help you customize it to avoid duplication and make it more engaging to your readers.

Complete Content Marketing Approach

We can help you beyond your e-newsletter. Our parent company, Visible Logic, can help you redesign or improve your web site, upgrade your branding and develop infographics and video.