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The Swanson Group is a Westbrook, Maine based accounting firm. Mail on the Mark designed a newsletter for them that uses their brand identity including their brand colors and fonts. The newsletter layout is clean and simple but flexible.


Easy-To-Use Editor

While most of our clients prefer that we prepare and send their newsletter for them, we make it incredibly easy to send them on your own, too. Our customized, pre-formatted templates make it easy for you to just add your content without monkeying around with the header, styling, and other time-consuming setup.

Thoroughly tested

All of our templates are tested across the major email clients including Mac Mail, Outlook, gMail, iPhone, etc. And our reports will show you how people people are reading your emails.


Insert things like name, company name, and more within the e-newsletter or in the subject line. You can even display different text or images based on custom values such as member/non-member, new client, etc.