Why Mobile Email Design Matters

May 5, 2015 | Email design, Email Marketing

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mobile emailIf you are like most people, you have read a recently read a poorly-formatted enewsletter on your mobile device. By looking at it, you can tell that no one took the time to consider mobile when sending it. This oversight could mean text that’s too large or too small to read, broken layouts and slow loading images.
Email marketers used to be able to get by without including formatting for mobile devices but that is no longer the case. As of March 2015, 45% of email opens occurred on mobile, 36% on desktop and 19% in a webmail client. (Adestra “Top 10 email clients). Depending on your target audience, close to half may not be seeing your news letter correctly or ideally. Some industries have even higher mobile views: according to a 2015, marketing report (Sign-up.to 2015 Email Marketing Benchmark) Events (66,9% of opens), Online Services (52,9%) and Property (50,8%) sectors show the highest levels of mobile email consumption. You can learn even more about mobile email statistics here.

So how do I make sure my emails look good on a mobile device?

Not all queries and design elements work across all email clients and that is the same with mobile devices. At minimum, ensure that your newsletter template is ready for the most common clients such as the iPhone and popular Android phones such as the Galaxy. If you are able to track your users client usage, like you can with Mail on the Mark, you can be sure that it looks good to the majority of your e-newsletter recipients.